Gear Check with Jacsen

Gear Check with Jacsen

Jacsen Kutik may be the youngest member of Team Bustin but that is not a reflection on his passion for the art of skateboarding. From pressure flips to power skids this dude is Pushing for Progression in every single discipline found within today's skating. 

As Jacsen keeps honing his skill sets, the question on everyone's mind besides "How did he do that?!?!" is "What is he riding?!?!". Our man heard the requests and has recently started publishing Gear Checks as well as other montage videos on his newly created YouTube channel. If you are anywhere as big of a fan of this little man as we are, this is going to be the place to stay tuned into to make sure you stay up on all things Kutik.

After checking out what Jacsen rips when mobbing down his local hills, go give homie's channel a follow so you can tell all your friends you've been hip to this phenom since way back. 

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