How to Slide your Longboard Skateboard: Trick Tips on the Stand up Toeside Slide

How to Slide your Longboard Skateboard: Trick Tips on the Stand up Toeside Slide

Aloha Push More Fam and welcome to the latest installment in the Push More Trick Tip Series. This week we are going to explore the motions required to slip your skateboard out sideways in the toe side fashion. To begin, we are going to break down the basics of what you'll need to know in order to get started!

"Yaak" slippin one out in The City. Photo: Khaleeq


To ensure that you'll have the easiest time possible dialing in your new toe side slides, it will be important to pick the proper set up for the job. Below is a break down of what you should be looking for in both your actual skateboard its self along with the wheels that will allow you to kick things out with buttery ease. 


-You're going to want a sled that has a comfortable wheelbase and riding platform to help keep you steady and stable while learning. The new (E)CORE Royce Pro (what I am riding in the video) or Maestro are two great options for boards that can stand up to the task at hand.


-When fighting friction, having a reliable urethane chemistry is a must in order to maintain consistency from the initial release to the final hook up. I tend to lean toward a smaller wheel (usually between 64mm-66mm) so I don't feel like I'm kicking out a set of dumbbells but size is very much a personal preference that will come as you slide more. Running any of the FiveO Classics color ways or whipping the 66mm Snipers would be my recommendation for thane.  

Key Considerations:

-A slide is just the extension of a good set up carve so make sure you focus on the fundamentals of foot placement, weight distribution, as well as hip and shoulder positioning to help ensure the best chance of success. 

-Your weight will want to be evenly applied to your front foot while maintaining open shoulders which will help keep you from looping out mid slide. 

-Just because you may be riding Will's board doesn't mean you need to slide at the same speed he does just yet. Take your time and start at a manageable speed that will allow you to master the fundamentals. 


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