Hybrid V2 Batch #1 is SHIPPING OUT

Hybrid V2 Batch #1 is SHIPPING OUT

As many of you know, we OBSESS over design.  For nearly 20 years we've slaved over the details of prototypes, refined models and lost sleep over millimeters of imperfection where it existed.  We don't stop until the quality and experience is PERFECT.   So when we took over full control of the Dualomo Hybrid project earlier this year, we set out to redesign the Hybrid Sportster and add a Hybrid Yoface which encompassed a new level of detail and quality across the board.  

All of our obsessing and refining came to fruition this week when we finished building and started shipping Batch #1 Hybrid Yofaces and Sportsters.  We were a few days delayed because we changed the style of one of the outside case bolts to have a lower profile (apologizes for the untimely OCD there, but it did make HUGE a difference in the aesthetic).  In the end, everything came out of production looking and feeling great.  All of the boards have been tested and all of the components triple checked to be ready to rip!

It may seem obvious, but the electric boards require a fairly extensive testing and quality control process.  Although these boards are designed to FEEL like a traditional board, they are MUCH more complicated to produce and build.  To make sure that every board that goes out is is 100% we have a 3-step final testing process that takes place AFTER the boards are built and electronics paired.  

1.  First we take it for a spin around the shop (don't worry, our floors are cleaner than your plate after Thanksgiving dinner).  This is important because it gives real riders a chance to test the final product.  This is everything from the tightness of the bushing, the accuracy of the acceleration and braking curve, and even the sounds that the board make when you power, brake, pop and push.  There is alot going on inside these boards, and we want to make sure every board is tuned properly before we ship it out.  When we're done, we shine the wheels back up with some windex and lay the boards out for age testing.

2.  The age testing is designed to test all of the electronics through a full battery charge and use cycle.  We charge the board fully to 100%, flip it onto the grip-side and then drain the battery to 0% by fixing down the throttle with a rubber band and letting it run.  This check assures that all of the electronics, mainly the battery and BMS are consistent and reliable through a full charge cycle.  Because we only use premium parts, specifically Samsung batteries, we almost never have any issues here.  Still, its a critical step make sure that there are no faulty cells or connections in the system.  If you've ever heard about electric boards dying a few days or weeks after the first ride, its most likely because the manufacturer skipped this step!

3.  Last but not least we have ONE person do a final check and boxing.  This person is the last line of defense and signs off on every box before it ships.  They do a final check of the bluetooth controller, top speed, tightness of nuts/bolts and cleanliness of the board.  When they box the board up to be shipped, they sign  their name to the quality.  They also agree than any unhappy customers are entitled to personally troll them on instagram :)

The bottom line is that we put an insane amount of work into these boards because we know that great brands are built with great products and vouched for by real people.  We have spent almost 20 years building the Bustin brand and still live by the same principles that carried us to this point.  


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