Introducing the NEW 64mm Performance Premiers

Introducing the NEW 64mm Performance Premiers

In a world of skateboard wheel multi pack bonus buys, we are proud to release a new slide oriented formula crafted in our "Small Batch" mentality. The new 64mm Performance Premiers are based off our class Premier line but has been modified from its core construction all the way down to its chemistry. This was done to maximize the predictability from release to hook up no matter the terrain that you are skating.  

Dan Fontz riding the Bustin 64mm Performance Premiers

This wheel was designed for city slashin' to mountain mobbin' and everything in between. A slightly reduced contact patch as well as the smaller over all package make for easy initiation of any slide on any surface while the still squared lips cater to higher cornering capabilities. The improved formula along with the design of the wheel blend together to generate the perfect high performance grip to slip ratio desired by todays top riders.

Bustin 64mm Performance Premier skateboard wheels

There are limited quantities of these bad boys around so do not let the chance to snag a set pass you by. When they are gone, they are gone so be sure to snag some of this small batch butter while the getting is good! 

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