Julio con Toti

Julio con Toti

Deep in the Urban Jungle of Las Cuestas Spain, those adventurous few who know their way there sometimes are lucky enough to run into a wild "Toti" out repurposing the endless blacktop that snakes through this place. Fun, playful runs are abundant here which is why skateboarders like Toti have been coming here to hone their skills for years.


Riding his favorite board, The (E)Core™ Shrike, this personal playground begins to show the physical signs of its inhabitants in the form of excess urethane markings. This is a nice retreat away from the hustle and bustle of the major cities of Spain which is all the more reason Toti opts to spend the summer months skating his days away in this paradise.

Tag along to this secluded ecosystem that thrives off the fat lines and fun times left by those lucky enough to know its coordinates. 

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