New Sportster Hybrid X+ Package

New Sportster Hybrid X+ Package

Progression is born from feedback and no board proves it more than our Hybrid Sportster.  When we launched the original Hybrid Sportster back in 2018, one of our primary goals was to make it faster and badder than any other stock electric board on the market.  We come from downhill skateboarding, so speed seemed critical for our first electric board.  Being experienced speed skaters, we geared our initial model for high torque and stiff braking because thats what we liked.

After the initial launch, however, we learned from customers that many of you felt that the board was too fast with too much torque.  From our discussions with you, we came to understand that most riders really wanted a smoother, softer torque and braking profile.  For the V2 Sportster-X, we did just that and the stoked that followed taught us a valuable lesson:  not all riders want to go 0-30 at light speed like Will Royce.  Duh, we get it and we are much more pleased with the overall feedback from V2.

However, during the transition to the smoother, more gradual speed curve of the V2 Sportster-X, we heard from some of you that you miss the torque and sprint-power of the V1.  We know how you feel, which is why many of us here still ride the V1 exclusively.  Today we're answering the call and releasing an updated version of the original powerful profile that was known as the Hybrid X+.  The new Hybrid Sportster-X+ features all of the same components as the standard X, but adds a torque and braking settings similar to the original V1 X+ that we sold in 2018 and early 2019.   The X+ also comes standard with 100mm wheels to help you control the extra power between you and the road.

The new X+ package is a beast and is not recommended for rookie riders.  It is the griptape and waffle sole equivalent of a race car.  To help you tame it, the new version features our latest ThermoGlass deck, Paris V3 50° trucks and the brand new 100mm Five-0 wheels.  These wheels are made in California using the same formula that use for our fastest downhill race wheel, the Sniper-R, meaning they are reliable and predictable at speed.

All in all, we think the new X+ package will exceed the expectations of those who asked for the V1 power while also bringing a new level of speed stability to our fastest board ever.  We're stoked to bring back the beast and thankful for all of your feedback.  Always wear a helmet and always skate within your means!

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