North Carolina Downhill Community Collaboration

North Carolina Downhill Community Collaboration

If we have said it once, we will say it a thousand times: the community is the core of culture as it pertains to skateboarding. This is what separates our art form from many of the other artistic expressions out there. The fact is that we have way more than just an activity, we have a family aspect associated as well. If you need proof of this, spend a weekend at any downhill event, vert jam, or contest at your local park and it quickly will become evident that there is much more going on than just skateboarding. 

Within skateboarding, there are certain individuals as well as groups who take it upon themselves to foster this community aspect within their local scenes by making skateboarding accessible to anyone who is interested.  One such group of skaters are the homies at North Carolina Downhill who have made it their mission to introduce those interested individuals safely into the world of downhill skateboarding. Through hosting events, working with local authorities on skateboard legislation, and a continued dedication to making their scene stronger, this crew has helped grow and sustain a scene in one of the most pristine downhill landscapes in the world.

Because of this continued dedication to the community, we are beyond amped to be working on a collaborative urethane compound to make available to the masses! Over the past 6 months, we have been working hard with many members of the NCDH crew to dial in and refine a wheel shape, size, and durometer  that stands up to the rigorous demands needed from some of the top skaters in the world. It was also very important to us during the prototyping stage to make sure that this formula would also allow shredders of all levels push themselves to reach that DTB (Down to Bull) level themselves. The results speak for them selves as we have come up with what we believe to be the ultimate shred slipper for anyone looking to test the limits of what is personally possible from their skateboarding.

 "Support by Shredding" is the name of the game here as a portion of all proceeds from the sales of this collaboration urethane are going to go directly to the guys and gals at NCDH.  This is going to give the homies more resources which are needed to continue to host outlaw events, closed road IDF World Qualifiers, as well as just to have extra gear on hand to keep their local scene stoked and safe as they continue to grow in numbers. This group has done an incredible job of taking their backyard and turning it into a skateboarding Mecca and we are honored to try and help continue that trend.

Stay tuned for release details as they are going to be finalized here very shortly so you can get to shredding on some DTB designed urethane. Make sure to follow the homies at North Carolina Downhill for updates as well as they will be stacking media to tease y'all with until the drop date. Also following them will queue you in on any outlaw events or any other community building exercises the crew may be up to that you could rice up on! 

The community is key and we are honored to continue to work toward building a stronger all around atmosphere so all of us can continue to keep Skating Everything!

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