Pittsburgh Day Trip

Pittsburgh Day Trip

From Bustin China to Bustin Paris to Bustin Portugal, we have long history (nearly 20 years) of exploring places on skateboards.  Back in the day, however, it would take us days (sometimes weeks) to properly explore all of the hills and spots that a city had to offer.  Usually to really enjoy a city, you need to go for at least 2-3 days and spend time pushing and Uber'ing to various places.

As we learned yesterday in Pittsburgh, the Hybrid Boards offer a very new experience.  A city full of hills and bridges, Pittsburgh is a beautiful man-made, and God-made playground for skateboards, but it comes with the challenge of gravity in almost every direction.  

Enter the Hybrid Boards.  Even though we garnered only about 2 hours of dry skating before the demo at PITT, we were able to cover a huge footprint of the downtown historic area and find some really cool spots.  With each new city we are learning more that the Hybrid Boards offer an insanely new, city-shrinking, mind-bending, spot-opening experience for all kinds of skating!

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    Give me one, I need it in my life

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