Press Release:  'Bustin & Dualomo Become ONE'

Press Release: 'Bustin & Dualomo Become ONE'

July 23, 2019

Bustin Boards Co. has announced that they have merged with partner company Dualomo Design prior to the release of the second version of their ‘Dualomo Hybrid Skateboard’.  The new combined company will consolidate operations to increase development efficiency and reduce costs, primarily on the electric product line. The move also serves to streamline and improve customer service operations overall, bringing Dualomo customers into the fold of Bustin’s award-winning customer support network.

In 2018 the two companies partnered to develop and release their brainchild ‘hybrid-electric’ skateboard, a battery powered, motorized skateboard that can be manually pushed like a traditional board.  After record-setting launch sales in the Fall of 2018, the ‘Hybrid-Electric’ product line struggled to keep up with global sales volume in the first half of 2019, with demand outpacing production logistics at the two companies.  As the two companies worked closely together to keep up with increasing sales, it became evident that a unified operation could be highly beneficial to both brands and their customers.

“What started as an experiment for us has now turned into one of the most exciting elements of the company.  By combining resources with Dualomo we can lower the cost and raise the quality of the electric boards and the service we provide with them,” says Bustin Founder Ryan Daughtridge.  “Everyone is super stoked about the move, but I think the customer will be the most excited when they see what changes we’re rolling out for V2.”

The highly anticipated V2 launch is set for July 30th with big changes apparent, including new model options and a radical new pricing structure developed by Bustin.  Bustin will build on it’s core brand values including premium materials, skater-friendly designs and highly customized options. The V2 products will also include critical hardware and software updates, marked by massive improvements to the acceleration and braking curves, Bluetooth connectivity, remote control interface and board/case durability.  According to Daughtridge, the most exciting element for consumers will be the price.

“We’ve been highly involved in this process and felt that there was one message from our customers and fans that rang louder than any other;  and that was price,” said Daughtridge. “By taking over the entire line we can cut costs, reduce redundancy and plan the overall production more efficiently.  Most importantly, we can own the fact that we’re not a large, technology company who needs to pull crazy profit margins. This means we can deliver a top of the line electric board at a price that the average rider can afford.”

Full details for the V2 products will be unveiled at on Tuesday, July 30th.
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