Push More Product Reviews: (E)Core™ YoFace34

Push More Product Reviews: (E)Core™ YoFace34

The secret is out of the bag: the YoFace34 is one of the best hybrid, all around skateboards available on the market. This Skate Everything machine has quickly become one of y'alls favorite sleds from our new and improved line up with very good reason!

Joshtafari recently took his upgraded YoFace and put it through the paces in arguably two most skateable cities in the world during his recent trip out to San Fransisco and then Albuquerque, New Mexico. These two cities cater to the blending of all the elements involved in speed skating while retaining the possibility of adding some tech lines in along the way. This cataclysm of circumstances made this the perfect week to really see what the new YoFace was all about...

"When I go out skating, especially in these specific locations, I am looking for a board that can handle any and all of the mobbing opportunities while still letting me hop off and smash that session spot along the way. The new (E)Core™ YoFace not only makes this style of skating possible, but gives me the confidence to push into virtually any line you I can dream up!

The wheel flares make for some of the most comfortable pockets I've ever skated while not interfering during ollies and other more technical maneuvers. The associated wheel wells cater to All Around oriented urethane selections while offering tons of clearance when you need to stomp something out bolts. 

This is by far the best layup of the YoFace I have ever skated and I can't imagine going back. If I had to chose a single sled to skate for the rest of all time, without a hesitation it would be this exact set-up because it literally unlocks the door to truly Skating Everything!"


Josh's Set-up:

Board: (E)Core™ YoFace34

Trucks: Paris 169mm Street Trucks

Wheels: FiveO RoycePro 64mm 80a

Bearings: Bustin Abec9's

Flim/Photo Credits:

-Austin "Bonzing" Graziano 

 -James Tracey

-Alex Sucala 


-Sean Stratmeyer 

-Ryan Ricker

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