Push More Rep Adventures: Salavador Moving Down in Mex

Push More Rep Adventures: Salavador Moving Down in Mex

Skateboarding has become one of those universal languages of sorts for those who claim our community as their home. We have been incredibly blessed to have harnessed this language to partner up with some Push More Reps all over the world who are simply looking to spread the stoke by sharing the thrill they find on top of their shred sled. Many of these folks are well on their way to being local leaders in their area as they work directly with us here at HQ on ways to grow the skate scene in their neck of the woods. 

One such homie who continually is seeking out new ways to get others involved is our dude Salvador de la Torre down in Guadalajara, Mexico. "Sal" loves skating fast and busting out fat slides on the various twists and turns found on his local mountain roads which have helped to shape his Booling riding style. Peep his most recent Raw Run below to get a better idea of the type of terrain our mans has at his disposal. 

Run Vallarta from Bustin Boards on Vimeo.


Its very rare to hear of Salvador hitting his local digs solo as he is always rounding up a crew to come out and skate with him. If its not a low key lurk sesh, its probably a full blown event with flyers, schedules, and prizes to help ensure his homies are ready to stay shreddy with him. In fact, coming up in the beginning of June he is working to help promote a local race that promises to be a killer time for all those who can make it out. Check out the flyer below and if you have the means, we suggest you make the trip down (or up) to Mexico and rage with these homies!


 Salvador is just one of many Push More Reps who are getting out and making an actual impact simply through skating more and encouraging others to do the same. If this sounds like a movement you could put your energy behind, check out all the details of The Push More Rep Program and how you can sign up and begin reaping way more than just the gear discounts! The #PushMoreArmy is a collective group of revolutionaries who are simply looking to Skate Everything while spreading that stoke with Everyone and we would love to have you rolling with us on our mission!

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