Push More Rep Adventures: The Mine

Push More Rep Adventures: The Mine

Ride along with our Belgian Push More Rep Jonas Vangucht as he and some of his homies hit one of their local favorites!

Words: Jonas Vangucht

Last Sunday we went with the whole crew of Alternate to one of the best spots of Belgium. It’s a big, long, busy road hidden deep in the Ardennes (geographical region) of our country.
We call it The Mine, because the road simply ends at a mine. On Sunday there is no traffic, so we can skate safely our hearts out.

To me it was the first time on this spot. At first sight the road is creepy as hell, it starts of with a drop so you immediately gain speed. Then you have a long part with a sweeper to the right, and as you gain more and more speed, you arrive at the first turn to the left with a big drop in it. This followed by a right turn and a sweeper to finish.

As I love to freeride, I started of with some heelside checks on my five-o classics. Just to uncurtain the road. As the other members knew the spot, they easily blasted of from the beginning to get the maximum of speed.
Soon I realised that I was able to handle the road, and also my wheels were cored by that time. So by putting bigger wheels on, we went full throttle for the rest of the day.

When the sun set, we all had a great feeling of the day and we could go home happily.

This day I also overcame some fears, because a new spot is always exciting and being a freeride lover. Downhilling is always putting my limits a bit further.
But I’m glad I did, because we had a great time!

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