Push More Rep Review: 64mm Performance Premiers

Push More Rep Review: 64mm Performance Premiers

With the temperatures starting to rise, we figured it was time to butter the skillet of some local runs so we hooked a few of our homies up with some fresh shred slippers made specifically for the job. Official Push More Reps Owen Hopper and Tim Completa know a thing or two about getting slideways so we were curious to see what they thought of our tried and true "Dump Thane" formula in its newest, limited release packaging, the 64mm Performance Premier. 

Bustin 64mm Performance Premier skateboard wheels

After the homies came down to HQ to get the goods, we sent them on their way to go mash some of their local favorite inclines! We couldn't wait to see what the duo thought of some of our favorite thane to date. The following review was compiled completely by Tim and Owen as a guide to all the performance characteristics that you can expect when you throw on that first set of you own!  

If you are interested in trying some of the truth, hurry and head to BustinBoards.com to secure one of the last remaining sets for your own personal pleasure. Supplies are dwindling with no plans to re-churn this small batch butter anytime soon so time is of the essence for those who need this specific grip to slip ratio in their life. 

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