Push More Rep Reviews: FiveO 64mm Classics

Push More Rep Reviews: FiveO 64mm Classics

In order to Skate Everything at the highest level, we have made sure that our lineup incorporates all the needed equipment to make that happen. From wood to wheels, we got your covered with top notch gear that is going to perform precisely how you expect it to exactly when you need it to. 

To help ensure you that you are pairing up the proper set up, we are going to be having some of our Push More Reps from around the world break down their favorite selections from our lineup while letting you know about the products over all performance. To kick things off, we have teamed up with our Belgian homie Jonas van Gucht who has been marking his local roadways with some FiveO thane! Read up on what Jonas as to say about our 64mm FiveO Classic wheels and see if they fit your list of performance needs for you next set up!

FiveO 64mm Classic Skateboard wheels

Words: Jonas van Gucht

I recently got the opportunity to skate Five-O wheels for the first time in my life. I have already ridden a large variety of wheels, so I was pretty stoked to see which spot in my ranking these wheels would take.


The Five-O Classic (Red) comes with a stone ground skin, has a 64mm diameter and a 35mm contact patch. It has round lips and a centerset core for all your freeriding and flipping needs. The rumor says the red thane came from the blood of the Silverfish haters….

First Impression

Coming from a very grippy wheel, my first slide was kicked out way too hard for the easy initiation of this wheel. Soon I learned that this wheel doesn’t need much to get slideways. Right out of the package BIG thane lines coloured the pavement! As a real thane junkie, this got me super excited. I have to say that my first slides on this wheel felt the same as my last slides, before coring them.

The Thane Continues…

Throughout the rest of the wheel, I really enjoyed every minute of skating on it. The wheel feels consistent on every pavement it touched and is great for trying those new slides you screwed the last time and high sided on.  The classics have this easy initiation which gives you the ease of calmly kicking out your slide at every angle you want. While sliding you’ll feel reassured by the buttery smooth glide and at any given moment you can release your pressure and feel the forgiving hook-up of the wheel.

After this floaty feeling, you can look back on the big marks left on the pavement. The ‘Dump Thane’ formula of Five-O does what it says: “IT. DUMPS. THANE.”!
While the wheels were getting smaller, I realized that they were great for faster riding too. Once you get to know the wheel better, you can take it to your faster spots and still progress while (again) dumping thane. The speeds I took on them were approximately 35miles/hour (55km/h) and it had the same consistent feeling as going slower.

Jonas van Gucht sliding on the FiveO 64mm Classics skateboard wheels

Although this wheel DUMPS thane from the beginning till the very end, it still lasts longer than you’d expect. For it’s price, you get a lot of  Thane, experience, progression and joy in return!

To the Core

Finishing these wheels was a smooth and easy job. The consistency remained until the very end and as I knew the performance of the wheel, I could keep my slides easily in a perfect angle to evenly core them.  I love how much thane you have on this wheel. You really have until the core when there is almost no ‘Silverfish haters blood’ a.k.a the red thane left.

Cored FiveO 64mm Classic Skateboard wheels



Overall, this is a perfect all around wheel that gets you from your local easy beginners spot, to that steep drop you’ve been hesitating about for weeks. The core doesn’t have a big roll speed, but that’s not the intention of the wheel. It’s made to have a fun time with creative runs and paint some beautiful street thane art, as the wheel is agile and thaney.

Bustin Boards offers the wheel at a very reasonable price (where all Europeans are jealous of) , which should help you stop hesitating about getting a set for your self. Grab the wheel, go all the way through it, thank them later!

 Skate safe people!

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