Push More Trick Tip: The Power Carve

Push More Trick Tip: The Power Carve

Push More Fam what's up?!?!

Welcome back to the school where all we learn is tactics to make shredding more fun! This week we are going to touch on one of the  foundation blocks of performance skating that when mastered will help progression for many different genres of skating. We are talking about The Power Carve which when done properly, will serve as a smooth transition into needed skill sets for your freestyle flow or freeride fury. 

 Helpful Hints:

  •  As you gain confidence with your technique, try loosening your trucks or swapping to a softer bushing little by little for more freedom of flow.
  • Looking where you are going, not where you are at, will keep your hips and shoulders open directing the rest of your movements accordingly. 
  • A board with a little flex will allow you to dig and drive with more rebound than a stiffer skateboard
  • Wheels with more of a lip on them are going to hold onto tighter carves better than round lip wheels which will tend to break friction into a slide easier. Check out the Bustin Premier Line or the FiveO Snipers for an appropriate Carve Approved shaped wheel. 
  • Keep your chest centered over top of your skateboard as you allow your hips to control the digging and driving done by the weight distribution of your feet. 



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