'Push Through The Fire' Fundraiser Tee

'Push Through The Fire' Fundraiser Tee

These are tough times for all of us, and it's more important than ever that we stick together and work together.  Longtime Bustin Rider and friend Zoe Herishen and her family have been through more in the last month than most of us will have to endure our lifetime.  To help her and her family recover we're donating 10% of our 'Push Through The Fire' t-shirt to Zoe's family.  To learn more please read Zoe's recent post below...

From Zoe:

How is everyone doing? I have to admit, when this first started I was not worried at all. I actually thought it was kind of cool to be doing school from home and having more time to do the stuff I love! Three weeks later, I don’t feel that way anymore. Where I live, we have the highest number of cases in the country. When they started closing the beaches & skateparks I was upset that I couldn’t surf or skate anymore. I was mad when my parents wouldn’t let me hang outside with my friends. I didn’t get why people were making a big deal about this. Now I get it. Over the past three weeks of quarantine I’ve watched both my parents lose their jobs. I see them worried and whispering but at the same time smiling and trying to keep the usual positive vibes around us. I see my mom crying all the time, and my mom never cries. Two of my grandparents are now in the hospital fighting for their lives right now because they did not follow social distancing rules. They went out everyday and would not listen to us all telling them to stay out of the stores! They didn’t think it was a big deal because they were just running in quickly. They didn’t listen when my mom told them not to come to our house! Not only can we not see them now but we can’t even talk to anyone to find out how they r doing. All we know is that they r on oxygen and not doing well. My other two grandparents who live with me are now sick because they were all together. My mom has an autoimmune disease so now we r all worried about her getting the virus cuz she actually takes medicine to shut down her immune system and she has asthma. I get it now. I get why they are asking people to stay inside. I get what’s really important! Not surfing or skating for a few weeks is not nearly as important to me as my mom or my grandparents lives. Please listen to the advice and stay inside!! This is very real!! 🙏❤️😢



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