PushMore Rep Program – February Winners

PushMore Rep Program – February Winners

Despite the cold weather in most parts of the world, the PushMore Rep Family had a super productive month with thousands of riders worldwide skating daily and earning Bolts Points.  Our big idea here is that TOGETHER, we can grow skateboarding in a healthy, sustainable way and positively impact small communities around the world.  Because of you all, that is definitely starting to happen.  Less gas is being burned because you’re skating and longboarding to school and work.  Less eyeballs are burning because your skating more than your playing games on your phone.  And most importantly, more people are joining the family and skateboarding more because you are SHARING THE STOKE.

Bustin PushMore Reps laying down their adventures on Instagram.








We now have over 2,500 reps in more than 25 countries worldwide.  Some of you are just getting started and some of you are full tuck, skating daily, throwing events and living your lives on your board.  You, the most active and most visible, are inspiring others both in the program and in your communities.  For that, we love ya and we’re stoked to hand-out another round of prizes to the winners.

The Family is Growing
















SIGNUP to be a Bustin PushMore Rep in your community – PushMore Rep Signup >>

As a reminder, the “random winners” are chosen from a pool based on the number of entries.  For each Bolt Point you accrue in a month, you gain one vote.  That means that the most active riders (those who participate in our challenges) gather the most points and are most likely to win.

Here are February’s winners (please email the crew at pushmore@bustinboards.com with your shipping address so we can ship out your stuff!).

Top 5 Pack – Free Wheels + Abec9 Bearings + Bustin Beanie (Top 5 Bolts Winners):

  • Ian Murray
  • Zac Alford
  • Jessica Nicole
  • James Allen
  • Ethan Beaulieu

Free Ceramic Built-In Bearings (1 Random Winner):

  • Justin Golden

Free Five-O Wheels Box Set (1 Random Winner):

  • Tyler Platz

Free Bustin Coach Jacket (1 Random Winner):

  • Shawn Rider

Free Bustin Hat Choice (1 Random Winner):

  • Mikey Cha

Free Bustin Apparel Pack (1 Random Winner):

  • Geoffrey Gibbons

Free Bustin Hoodie (1 Random Winner):

  • Ellis Brown

Free Bustin Abec-9 Speed Bearings (5 Random Winners):

  • Zach Weinrich
  • Matt Tappa
  • Jake Toohey
  • Sean Decker
  • Bobby Merritt

As a note, March Contests and Prizes can be found at www.bustinboards.com/repportal and previewed below:


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