Shrike Phoenix Vault Setup

Shrike Phoenix Vault Setup

The Phoenix Shrike is one of the newest editions to The Bustin Vault.  

We started making weird, custom skateboards in Ryan’s dads barn almost 20 years ago. At the time, the only longboards you could buy were mass-produced cruisers with cheesy wave graphics and ripped off surf culture (not much as changed unfortunately). We first started making and painting our own boards 100% because we could not stomach being part of that game. We needed the boards we rode to be more original, more artistic and more east-coast inspired; and the only way to get it was to make it ourselves. Over the years the engineering in our boards has evolved greatly, but that sense of artist integrity (aka stubbornness) has remained about the same. Every board on our site is still made-to-order and we’re still a bunch of barefoot hippy skateboarders who wake up excited to play with paint and stoke people out every day. When we’re not making boards for orders, we’re usually getting weird making one-of-a-kind mashups and works of art for our friends, for our team and for the uninhabited wall space in our basements.

With the launch of our new site we decided to share some of these unique creations with the world in a new collection we’ve coined the ‘Bustin Vault’. In addition to the art gallery effect, this also gives us a place to occasionally drop some rare and re-issue models. To start we made (6) Vault boards including one Maestro, Shrike, Yoface, Daenseu, RoycePRO and Bonsai. Check them out in the ‘SHOP ALL’ section at Grab one if you have some extra wall or waffle-sole space, and if you like having things no one else in the world can get :) 🎨🛹

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  • Thien Huynh

    Definitely a 10. Great art. The colors make the whole board pop

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