Shrinking Nashville - Hybrid V2 Day Trip

Shrinking Nashville - Hybrid V2 Day Trip

We visited Nashville as a part of our #BeastCoastDemoTour and spent the morning exploring the city on the Hybrid V2 boards.

We started with coffee and college vibes at Vanderbilt, ran from security guards at the Parthenon and then headed east to skate amidst the live music and drunken tourists in downtown.  Nashville is a such cool, lively city, but its sprawling and traffic is bad.  There is definitely no better way to see it than on the Hybrid Boards.  In just 3 hours and almost 20 miles of riding, we explored some of the coolest areas of the city (at least the ones we could find). 

Once again we learned how the Hybrid Boards can shrink a city and create a visit unlike any other.  In just a few hours we saw more than we would have seen in 2-days on foot or in an Uber.  We blasted from neighborhood to neighborhood, passing traffic, turning heads and having fun.  It felt like we snapped our fingers and turned Nashville into our own concrete snowboard park.

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