SK8 Days of Christmas Giveaway Contest

SK8 Days of Christmas Giveaway Contest

If you follow us, you know that we do this every year.  Our annual Holiday Giveaway is our chance to give back to everyone who supports us and this year's spread is better than ever!  This we're taking it up a notch and giving away the ENTIRE LINEUP during the 8 days leading up to Christmas.


How to enter:
1.  Shop Online (1 entry for every $10 spent at in November & December)

2.  Join Our Newsletter (1 entry per email)

3.  Like & Comment on Bustin Instagram (1 entry per post)


Giveaway Schedule:
12/18 - Bonsai Mini Complete

12/19 - Daenseu Complete

12/20 - Yoface Complete

12/21 - Sportster Complete

12/22 - Shrike Complete

12/23 - Maestro Complete

12/24 - Yoface Hybrid

12/25 - Sportster Hybrid


Winners will be announced here on the Bustin Blog on the day of each drawing.  No purchase necessary, must be stoked to enter 🎄🎄🎄

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