Small Batch (E)Core™ Production

Small Batch (E)Core™ Production

During our March 15th launch our first batch of small-batch (E)Core™ construction boards sold out in one day.  Since then we've been doing our best to keep up by producing the boards in batches with guaranteed ship-dates for customers.  As each batch sells out, we bump the ship-date accordingly. 

The new (E)Core™ construction process is much more labor intensive and we'll be producing and releasing ALL of the new decks in batches as they are finished.  Orders will be accepted on a first-come, first-serve basis and we will DO OUR BEST to keep the lead-times down throughout the year.

As we get deeper into spring and summer, we may experience higher lead-times so we encourage you to get your orders in as early as you can.  

We'd like to thank everyone for supporting our mission to make better boards with more attention to detail.  We are tired of seeing mass-produced junk flooding the market and watering down the expectations of riders.  And we are determined to produce higher quality boards so that YOU can have more fun and be proud of whats under your feet.


small batch custom longboards from bustin boards

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