Sunday Demo Day UPDATE

Sunday Demo Day UPDATE

COVID-19 Sunday Demo Day POSTPONED until further notice  

      To help slow the spread of COVID-19 in New York City, gathering in groups is currently banned for the foreseeable future. Because of this, our weekly Demo Days are on halt until we make it through this pandemic.
While Demo Days are on pause for now, you can stay up to date on news by following us on Instagram @bustinboards and @skateverythingschool for updates. 
You can also check out this link, where you can see clips and footage from previous Demo Days
In the meantime, we'll be working on ways to make this program more dynamic. 


Safety Tips to protect yourself and other from the Virus:

 1. Wash your hands frequently
2. Avoid touching your face and eyes 
3. Cover your mouth when couching or sneezing
4. Avoid being in crowded spaces


In 2019, we started holding weekly demo sessions for the New York community to test out the 2019 E-Core lineup before it was released to the world. Skaters from all five boroughs came together to try the new models and share their unique styles of skateboarding. Since then, we've built a community of skateboarders of all levels, who come out to spread the word about Bustin Boards and skateboard culture. While we're sad to put our demo days on hold during this pandemic, we hope our fam and supporters are staying safe. Can't wait to skate with you all when this is over.


Check out this Youtube Channel filled with Demo day footage
Words: O'Neal "Yaak" Ellerbe
Location: Central Park, 110st Lenox ave Central Park entrance (Harlem NYC)
Host: @Skateeverythingschool x @bustinboards


1. Always wear protective gear.
2. Demo start time: 1:00 pm Eastern time.
3. Central Park is the perfect place to meet skaters if you're living in New York or visiting.
4. Central Park Demo Day happens every Sunday (year-round, depending on weather conditions)


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