Supporting Our Supporters - John Pike & Family

Supporting Our Supporters - John Pike & Family

Back in the early 2000's when Bustin was an infant, it was hard to get anyone to take us seriously.  Most riders knew us as the "weird push brand" in New York and most shops wouldn't even take a meeting with us.  One of the first bones we were thrown was from Eastern Skate Supply, who hooked me up with a wholesale account so that we could start selling our boards with top components.

John Pike became our sales rep and, though we were probably his smallest account by FAR, he treated me like a brother every time I called.  That friendship grew over more than a decade and had a massive influence on Bustin Boards.  Sometimes when i was stuck on an product or marketing decision, I would call John and rap through it.  Few other than John and I ever knew it, but some of our most successful products stemmed from a random Friday afternoon call to John for advice.  John has since dedicated his life to helping kids with Autism through Surfers Healing and is the hero of so many young riders finding confidence and comfort through surf.

Last week John and his family lost their house in Hurricane Florence.  A few of his close friends have setup a GoFundMe Campaign to support him and we're joining the cause.  All of the proceeds from our Hurricane Help campaign are going towards his rebuilding fund and we've decided to extend the effort through Tuesday to keep the support flowing. 

10% of ALL sales through Tuesday will be donated to John and his family to help them rebuild their home and get resettled as a family.  He was there when I needed him, and we're here now for him.

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