The William Royce Story

The William Royce Story

As we celebrate our 20-year anniversary this year we want to look back at some of the people, places and events that shaped who we are.  Few people have had quite the impact on the Bustin Family as William Royce, so it seemed fitting to start with him.  

We first met Will skating on the the side of the road during a tradeshow trip Florida.  He was a young, fearless street skater who wanted to try our downhill boards.  As soon as he jumped on the board we knew he was special and would change the face of skateboarding and longboarding forever. 

In the years since Will has become one of the most respected and well-known downhill skateboarders in the industry.  His unique, hard-charging street style and creative vision have made him the benchmark of the #skateeverything rider.  

Beyond Bustin, Will lives one of the coolest lives of anyone we know.  Constantly traveling, skating and adventuring.  He splits his time mostly between Asheville North Carolina and Bogota, Colombia where he supports a family of skateboarders.  He's known for shipping boxes of wheels and old decks to riders that he's met on the road and can't afford new gear.  

Will also founded and runs his own wheel company, Caneca Skate, which makes some of the best downhill and freeride wheels on the market (check them out).

To celebrate the homey, Will Royce, we've compiled some of his best and oldest videos below.  Enjoy and make sure to give him a follow on Instagram.


Will's Very First Bustin Video:


Will's Feature Video with Brett Novak:


Will's First NYC Visit:


Will and the V1 Sportster.


Royce & Family in Santa Barbara.


Will Royce Highest Electric Board Ollie.


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