What kind of Electric Skateboard should I buy?

What kind of Electric Skateboard should I buy?

Summer is in full bloom and you have been eyeing a new powerful electric skateboard. You may already know the ins and outs of regular skateboards / longboards but what’s with these new fancy Electric Boards? 


Here at Bustin Boards we have two designs that each offer their own unique riding style. The  Hybrid Yoface and the Hybrid Sportster. The Yoface features a kicktail, a smaller wheelbase, and smaller battery. The Hybrid Sportster has a longer wheelbase, bigger battery and Drop through truck mounting with a dropped standing platform giving you a traditional longboard vibe. 


 If you like an electric board with a tail, enjoy Ollies off curbs and over obstacles and need the board to be able to kick turn in tight spaces and maneuver around tight sidewalk turns then the YoFace is the obvious choice. The Hybrid Yoface allows the rider to get more creative during your cruise. You can even take the YoFace to the skatepark and ride. Whether you choose to use the power or not you can easily carve around bowls and even grind some coping. The smaller Board and battery also helps when you want to travel with your ESK8. It fits into smaller places and in general is much easer to carry with you. 


On the other hand maybe you are more aligned with a board that is close to the ground and also feels exactly like a longboard but with power allowing you to carve, dance and cross step all the way to your destination. Then you want to Hybrid Sportster. If ollies aren’t your thing and commuting to work is the goal with an electric board then you most defiantly want the Sportster. Bigger batteries give you a high top speed more range and you can climb up hills faster. Not to say that the Yoface won’t climb up hills, it does this very well. The sportster just does it faster. 


But what happens if you run out of battery? Both the YoFace and Sportster Electric boards can be pushed freely with out the power on. Most electric boards would leave you stranded if you run out of Battery not the Bustin Hybrid boards. Combined with the 5-0 Wheels you can still glide home after running out of juice. This also means that our Hybrid boards can bomb hills without feeling drag from the motors combine this with the brakes and you can ride down almost any hill that comes your way. If skating down hills is in your bag of tricks then you want to go with the Hybrid Sportster. The longer wheel base and drop through truck mounting add stability that you just can’t achieve on smaller setups. 


Hybrid Yoface - Ollie gaps , Grind/Carve bowls maneuver through tight spaces, have the feeling of a traditional skateboard, passes the TSA battery requirements to take on a plane. Smaller and compact for travel. 



Hybrid Sporster - Feels like a normal longboard, carve to your hearts content, perform all your favorite longboard dance moves on your ride. Larger battery give you more range and faster speeds. Low to the ground and easy to push. 

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