What's Been up with Will??

What's Been up with Will??

Skateboarding is the ultimate vehicle that allows anyone and everyone access to a supreme level of freedom which is found very few other places. No one knows this to be more true than our main man William Royce who has been using his skateboard to nail the "Dreamland Line" ever since he picked up his first sled 15+ years ago. From killing it in Cali, to crushing downhill lines deep in the  Colombian mountains, Will has continuously made the best use of all the skateable opportunities available to him.

This past weekend, I had the chance to catch up with Will in Charlotte, North Carolina while he was visiting his parents who live there. In between hitting some of the killer street spots Will has scooped over the past few weeks, I was able to figure out exactly just what he has been up too as well as learn more about some of his future ventures that are in the works. 

 Will is a hustler. This man knows what he wants and is willing to do what it takes to get there. "What it takes" with Will is usually an incredibly outside of the box approach that typically ends up working out better than anyone could have planned. Will just has it like that which is evident by his most recent undertaking of moving to Puerto Rico with his girlfriend and their doggos to try his hand at the island life. 

PR is paradise for Will who seems to effortlessly have transformed to the care free pace associated with the sun and the sand. This place also caters to his Skate Everything demands as its flush with unimaginably gnarly downhill rips and even has a solid collection of DIY's as well as fully built skateparks. These specific locations are where Will has began to impart his love of skating on the locals by ricing them some of his old gear as well as giving free lessons on how to best use it. 

During his brief hiatus from paradise via PR, Will made it a point to make an appearance at the North Carolina Downhill Mt. Jefferson IDF Race that was held a few weeks back. Although absent from the final podium, there was no doubt in anyone's mind who won the "Most Fun Award" as Will was rallying everyone to take part in every rip down the hill whether it was just practice or an actual heat. This desire to endlessly skate no matter what type of skating is being done is one of the main reasons we love Will as much as we do.

Along with starting a new living situation for himself, another long term dream can be crossed of his "To Do List" as he has recently started his own wheel brand, Caneca Skate.  The brand is in its infant stages but if you know Will at any level, you can rest assured that he has a stock pile of prototypes that are continuously being swapped out in an effort to expand the lineup to reflect all the forms of skating that are near and dear to his heart. 

Never looking for the pampered route, Will is a skateboarders skater who has lived in RV's eating PB&J's for weeks straight to allow him to keep chasing the thrill found no where else. If you'd like to help continue to support this mans dream, the best ways would be to either to check out his pro-model skateboard available on BustinBoards.com or by snagging a set of Caneca's next time you need some fresh shred slippers.  These proceeds go directly to Will which means they are budgeted strictly to keep the stoke alive and flowing somewhere around the globe.

The future remains bright for one of the most interesting and genuine   members of our community so be sure to follow Will to keep up where in the world he might be next! If you are tired of only getting cyber space updates, rumor has it that there may be an Air B&B opportunity for any of those looking to visit PR in the near future (holler at Will directly for details on this development...).

Thanks for everything you do to help the community Will and we can't wait to get to skate with you again soon!


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