William Royce Percussionary Measures

William Royce Percussionary Measures

Where in the World is William Royce?? At any given moment our man could be hitting a local DIY on a tropical island or possibly mobbing down some of the greatest paved inclines in the world. Recently its been the later setting as Will has been mashing around with the NCDH affiliates while they have been showing him around the area they call home. 

Gathering loads of visual proof of his stint in the mountains, Will threw together a quick compilation of clips stacked by Team Broke Off, of him whipping his newly enhanced (E)Core Pro Model. This board has been beefed up making it stronger and more resistant to flexing out when you will be counting on it most. Watch the video for some inspiration before checking out all the details and ordering info on this Skate Everything sled that is sure to have you hooting and hollering right along with Will every single run. 

Board Specs:

Bustin Boards Royce Pro Specs


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