Words: O'Neal "Yaak" Ellerbe

Location: Williamsburg / Bushwich

 Brooklyn Adventures 


The crew and I decided to link up with Brooklyn natives Ricky, Loy and Louie. Of all boroughs in New York, Brooklyn would probably be the most urban and artsy. We covered most of Williamsburg and Bushwick. We were blessed to have great weather,iIt had to be around 93°. Coming across all types of street spots we were able to get some awesome footy with some beautiful artwork. Knowing that we would be hitting all types of skate spots, most of us decided to bring out our Shrike

Crew Love


 The LOY Banger: Fakie BigFlip


The BK Adventure


Quick Tips:
1. It is always best to skate with friends or a group of skaters while commuting to different boroughs
2. Besides Manhattan, Brooklyn would be ideal for solid footage
3. Always wear protective gear.
4. If your from New York or visiting and not familiar with any skate spots, feel free to contact us. We would love to skate with you.



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