Go Skate Day 2018

Go Skate Day 2018

Words: O'Neal "Yaak" Ellerbe

Location: New York City (all borough)


Go Skateboarding Day 

. As a crew we decided to meet up at the park, closes to where we live. First spot of the day. Jefferson skate park;fairly new, been open for a couple years now. Getting there around afternoon time, the park was surprisingly empty, only about 4 skaters. We decided to bring our Shrike out for the day, knowing that we would be skating in parks, traffic and some freeride, it would be the best board to choose. 
Jefferson Skate Park (2180 1st Avenue, New York, NY 10029)
After warming up at the skate park we moved to the streets for some classic city surfing. NYC traffic is extremely intense to skate and demands high awareness. To us becoming one with the roads is a way of life. Regardless if we're just cruising to the deli or blasting red lights the streets provide one of the best skating experiences.  We pushed towards the LES skatepark to see some of the famous GoSkateDay action. We weren't surprised to find the park completely packed so quickly we pushed towards Central Park for Stu and Big Wave Dave's "Afterwork slidejam".  Nothing is better than a group of old and new friends coming together to jam. Riders from all over the city gathered for a couple classic slide jam competitions (including best trick, most style, and an epic butt board race). It was awesome to see some fresh faces learning new moves and the stoke was high! A friendly jam was definitely the best way to end the raddest day of the year, GO SKATE DAY! 
Central Park (west 72nd street - Strawberry Fields Hill)
Host: Stu and Big Wave Dave with Ghostskate NY: The Afterwork Skatejam

Re-Cap of the day


 Quick Tips:
1. Always wear protective gear.
2. Central Park is the perfect place to meet skaters



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