Importance Of Community

Importance Of Community

Words: O'Neal "Yaak" Ellerbe

Location: New York City ( all borough )

 The Culture Lives



Since the early 2000's, the longboard scene began to rise. Skaters of all backgrounds would come together to bond and build friendships. Beyond skateboarding being a sport, it is a connection held between millions of individuals. The culture continues to grow, unity being built and more progression for the years to come. Situations can be tough living in the city but, through the love and culture of skateboarding, we can be ourselves to enjoy what we love to do..........Skate !





The Concrete Kings Longboard Club is a NYC based community for riders of all backgrounds. Girls and Guys. We not only share our love of skateboarding but a desire to better the community around us. It is our goal, whether by service initiatives or our daily actions, to leave a positive and lasting impression so that others will be inspired and build upon the movement. - Soloman Lang ( Founder)




The Broadway Bomb, is an event that happens once a year. Considered the longest race in New York City. It is a time where skaters from all over the city, borough to borough, even some who fly into the city to participate in the race. High anticipation! waiting a whole year for the Broadway Bomb.The race has gotten less competitive, due to the excitement of everyone coming together. The "race" starts at 116 street, on Broadway and ends downtown Manhattan on Wall street (by the bull). Not only do skaters show up to the event, bmx riders, roller bladers, electric boards, fix gear riders all are involved.



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