Sportster and Nobach

Sportster and Nobach

Words: O'Neal "Yaak" Ellerbe

Location: Times Square 42st / Columbus Circle 59st

Visuals: Clark Patrick


 The Ultimate Commuters


Skating through the city of New York, is not an easy task. Confidence is needed in order to push around and explore the city. Home of the most dangerous drivers in the world, I can honestly say I have been in car accidents and fallen in the middle of the street during traffic. Best motivation to have are FRIENDS. When a group comes together as one, I always feed off that energy, which is a feeling like no other . New York is our home, we embrace the challenges. 

The Sportster (E)core

  "One of my favorite feelings in the world is skating through traffic during rush hour" ~ Leon

The Nobach (E)core

 "Whether its pushing through your town or the greatest city in the world, this board will not fail you"~ Yaak



Quick tips:
1. Always wear protective gear.
2. Rush Hour ( 5:00 - 9:00 pm ) Eastern time.
3. Always feel free to contact us to skate, if your living in New York or visiting.
4. Snipers and Royce 5-0 wheels perfect for traffic surfing.
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