Words: O'Neal "Yaak" Ellerbe

Location: New York City (all borough)



 Got to link up with the multi talented Ian Robinson, to learn about his passion for skating. 

When did you start skating?

Around the summer of 2012 (I was about 17).

Are there any individuals that inspired you to start skating?

It was a mix of things: I learned how to handstand on a board before a slide and that's because I saw a guy do it on a penny board and I thought "I wanna do that!" I also enjoyed the rush of surfing in the streets of Nyc and the thrill of dodging bikes and traffic.  

What are some hobbies you have besides skating?

Cartooning and making pixel art, Bboying (breakdance), Playing the Ukulele, writing Poetry, Trampoline, and taking pictures of sunsets.

When did you notice you felt a passion for the art of skateboarding?

mainly someone telling me "you ain't sh**." It pushed me to learn more, (freestyle and dance) which started to let me have a sense of "freedom and relaxation" after a while of practicing, which made me crave. Now I got a little name for myself. Haha

What board did you start off skating?

Landyatchz Dropcarve 42" with Paris trucks (Adam Colton ed.) and Bustin Premier wheels

What advice would you give beginner skaters?

Have fun, find what discipline (freestyle, dance, freeride, street style, slalom, etc) suits your fancy, and go for it. Don't let any possible toxicity in your community bring you down. Let it be one of your ways to unwind, remember to practice alone sometimes (You'll find that it can be less stressful and easier to think of techniques), watch videos for ideas and inspiration, and lastly, go at your own pace. (I can't stress this enough haha) You're you! not everyone else.



 Ian displaying the abilities of the Boombox 



Quick Tips:
1. Ian enjoys meeting new skaters, so if you live in the city or visiting, skating with him will be an experience of a life time.
2. Be cautious of your surroundings at all times.
3. Ian favorite boards are BOOMBOX and Daenseu
4. Always wear protective gear.



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