Words: O'Neal "Yaak" Ellerbe

Location Foot bridge, located at E. 103rd Street , East Harlem, connects to"Randall/Wards island"


 The Foot Bridge on 103rd 



         Some of my all time favorite spots to skate are located on Randall's Island, which is a massive park that is connected to different boroughs within New York City. Manhattan, Bronx and Queens are connected to the island. The island is host to big events year around such as concerts, organized sports, family reunions and skateboarders. During my early skate days, I would skate all around the city with my friends and never thought to skate over the bridge to see if I could find spots to practice. One day a friend of mine suggested that we should go skate the island and turned out to be a Golden Spot. 



    Clark,Leon and I decided to bring our Shrike to Randall's. It's probably the best board to bring if you want a mix between freeride and street spots. The best wheels to bring would be some Swifts or Premiers, which are great for slide control and solid for when its time to get tricky. I always wear comfortable gear to have the best experience when go out to practice.


Couple Questions?

Q: Where is the 103rd st Footbridge that connects to Randalls Island

A:103rd street 1st ave. Through playground entrance.

Q: What time does the Randall's Island Park close?

A: Closes at. 12:00 am (Eastern time)

Q : Are there beginner level hills at Randall's Island?

: Yes, all hills are mellow, comfortable enough to practice freeride.

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