Return to NYC

Return to NYC

Words: O'Neal "Yaak" Ellerbe

 We are back from our Baltimore trip. 

     Skating the streets of New York could be one of the most intense feelings in the world. Becoming one with your habitat is THE most important thing about a skaters progression. 


     Clark, Leon, and I took the Thermo Shrike out for a city rip. Starting in the Bronx we skated River Avenue Skatepark then moved towards the Court house for some street spots. Later, we waited out some rain and took the Bustin Swifts ,Premier , 5-0 Royce wheels to 170th street and Webster for some hill slashing. Showcasing the capabilities of the board. From downhill to street spots, this board is built for all around comfort. Regardless of skill level, we always encourage to go out to your local park or skate spot to work on YOUR individual style. ~Yaak


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