Words: O'Neal "Yaak" Ellerbe
Location: 99 Parsons Rd, Landenberg, PA 19350-1550, United States

Elwood Finale

 My first time being a part of the“ RIP THE ELWOOD” event was amazing. I traveled with Clark and Leon for the weekend and we took the New Jersey transit all the way to our friend Max's house. He let us stay over at his place for the night, to make the event. The event originally started on Friday but we made it for Saturday, the second half of the event. We participated in the slide jam, push race and the longest slide. There were skaters from all over the East Coast, lots of  familiar faces. Also, ramps and boards I have never seen before.  Unfortunately, this was the last time Faceplant Boards would be hosting this event, due to the company moving over to the West Coast after the summer. This was one of the best event experiences, I would definitely travel to the West Coast to be able to continue skating Faceplant Boards events.

 Leon coming in 1st place in the PUSH RACE on Royce 5-0 wheels

Clark coming in 2nd place in the SLIDE JAM on Swifts wheels


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