The Legend Of Circuit

The Legend Of Circuit

Words: O'Neal "Yaak" Ellerbe

Location: 102 street 5 ave, Central Park Entrance

"Circuit" - Name given by skaters who discovered the hill travel.

Visuals: Clark Patrick @clarkpatrick


Circuit's Legend

    Living in New York City, finding skate spots that are perfect for practice can be a pain. Especially, if you dont have any friends that could bring you to all key spots. In the beginning, traveling around the city looking for places to learn how to "SLIDE" or to even Ollie, seemed impossible. I never gave up on the chance to look for places that would be comfortable to practice. Finally I met a group of skaters on all different kinds of boards. Instantly! I felt like I had a new place to skate. 


 Here in Manhattan, Circuit is an OG spot for mellow freeride and freestyle. People meet up from all over the city to enjoy chill sessions. Circuit provides two curvy paths and right next to those, a mellow wider road (rarely used by cars. Great for learning new tricks). Benches provide spots for backpacks and other gear. Come join us at Circuit! Feel free to bring speakers, food, and good vibes!(102 street 5 ave, Central Park Entrance)

 Check out this video bellow of Leon and I, enjoying Circuit on our Shrike and  64mm Premier wheels.


   Establishing a recognizable spot in your city/town will help boost your local community and meet new skaters. Posting and designating meet up times on social media will popularize your spot. GET THE WORD OUT.   



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