Dualomo™ Extra Chargers
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Dualomo™ Extra Chargers

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It's always helpful to have extra chargers for your board.  Keep one at home and one at the office so you can top off your board anytime!

We offer two charger styles:

Standard 2A Charger - great for overnight charging or anytime when you're not in a rush.  

Fast 3A Charger - fill up your tank quicker when you're on the go.  Please note:  the fast-charger pushing more current into the board faster, meaning the charger does get hotter during charging.  Please keep your fast-charger in a safe place while the board is charging.

Charge Times:
Yoface-S - Standard Charger (2.5-3hrs), Fast-Charger (1.5-2 hours)
Sportster-SStandard Charger (2.5-3hrs), Fast-Charger (1.5-2 hours)
Sportster-X - Standard Charger (4.5-6hrs), Fast-Charger (2.5-3 hours)