Dualomo™ 100mm Wheel Set
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Dualomo™ 100mm Wheel Set

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Our V1 customers begged and pleaded for a larger wheel option.  We heard you!  The new 100mm Five-O™ urethane wheels are made in the USA and made to glide over almost anything.  

Our custom 100mm center-set wheel is compatible with the V2 Sportster-X model (please note these do not fit the Sportster-S or Yoface Hybrid).  The front wheels swap just like any skateboard, using the axle nut.  The rear wheels are swapped by removing the (6) screws on the outside motor cap and sliding the urethane wheel cover on and off.  Please be aware that the wheels are on snug and it does take some strength to remove the original sleeve.  

Attention V1 Owners:  These 100mm wheels WILL work with your V1 Sportster-X board, but keep in mind that you may need to run your trucks a little tighter than normal to avoid wheel-bite.  You can also experiment with some hard and/or taller bushings to achieve more lean.

Please note:  100mm Wheel Sets ONLY fit the Hybrid Sportster-X board.  They DO NOT fit the Sportster-S or Yoface Hybrid boards.