What Makes the Best Electric Skateboard?

What Makes the Best Electric Skateboard?

What to look for in an electric skateboard, and how Bustin makes some of the best electric skateboards in the game:

Electric skateboards have become increasingly popular for several reasons. They’re fun, achieve awesome speeds, and some boards can even handle impressive inclines. The thing to keep in mind when shopping around for the best electric skateboard is knowing which features to look for.

The primary feature to take note of is the type of skateboard motor, which plays a major role in determining the capabilities, limitations and overall quality of your electric skate board.

Spoiler: stick to hub motors.

Our hub motor is one of the things that sets Bustin apart from other skateboard brands. Unlike standard belt-drive motors—which take up more space, make more noise, and require more maintenance (and even replacement parts)—our electric skateboard motor is built into the skateboard wheels, making it way more compact, quieter by design, and low maintenance…

…but the best thing about a hub motor skateboard is that it feels and rides just like the classic push board we first fell in love with. Since the motor is housed within the wheel hub (hence the name), there are no gear drives, chains or belts causing tension. It doesn’t feel like there is a motor attached at all. This is why we also call them low tension motors around the Bustin skate shop.

Low tension = high quality electric skateboard. 

This is why we chose this type of motor for all Bustin’s Hybrid models. Having little-to-no resistance while pushing means you can freewheel as you please, even if your board battery dies and needs to be charged. These less bulky features also mean our boards are more lightweight than cheap electric skateboards that use belt-drive motors.

So… what is a hybrid skateboard?

Hybrid simply refers to the fact that our electronic skateboard can be used in two ways: the super awesome, remote-controlled, battery-powered way… or the equally awesome, classic kick-push, cruiser skateboard kind of way.

One of the main benefits of our Hybrid boards is that when you let off the power, you don’t eat shit. Most other electric cruiser skateboards cannot roll freely because they’re restricted by (and dependent on) their motors, so they jerk a bit when you “let off the gas.”

Learn how to make an electric skateboard work for you.

We designed our Hybrid models #ForAllWhoPush, and wanted learning to be an easy process for beginners. The Bustin remote control skateboard is perfect not only for learning on, but also to push the limits on.

Our hybrid electric boards’ low resistance helps it feel more like a regular skateboard, because when you let off the power you maintain your speed. This is crucial for enjoying the ride. You don’t have to think twice about where your feet are, and if you lean back just enough it feels natural. This also helps when accelerating while rolling; the transition from cruising to full power feels more seamless—unless you are on gear 4 and really trying to scare yourself.

The best electronic skateboard means quality materials.

It's important to have good skateboard decks to stand on. We all know how bad the boards are that come from Walmart or cheap Amazon brands. High quality skateboards make the difference between enjoying the ride or constantly trying to figure out what’s wrong with your setup. That’s why we designed our electric components around our existing, highly-rated Sportster and Yoface decks. Over 20 years of artisan skateboard craftsmanship go into each electric skateboard deck, and it’s something we are very proud of at Bustin Boards. 

We set out on a mission to be one of the best skateboard brands, and make the best electric skateboard… and we’ve succeeded. Our e-boards carve like a longboard and turn like a skateboard. The dropped deck design on our Sportster model also helps with speed. Our backgrounds in downhill skateboarding and pushing have made us experts on why a stable setup is needed for high speeds. Better yet, we’re experts at building them.

We hope you are all having a wonderful spring. FYI, we always love hearing any feedback you have, so feel free to DM us (@BustinBoards), email us (skate@bustinboards.com), or call us (1-855-NYC-PUSH).

Much love, and we hope that whenever and wherever you are reading this… you’re ALL GOOD!

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