After a widly successful V1 launch last year, we're back with the new & improved and highly refined Dualomo Hybrid V2.

This time around we're breaking the rules of an industry dominated by over-priced electric boards.  By merging with our partners at Dualomo™, we can now offer premium electric boards at a price NOT created in a corporate boardroom (full press release). 

V2 Production Schedule
Batch #1 - Ships Oct. 25th (sold out)
Batch #2 - Ships Nov. 28th
Batch #3 - Ships Dec. 12th
Batch #4 - Ships Feb. 15th

Don't miss out, reserve yours for 50% down.


Our patented Bluetooth™ remote design includes an LCD-screen that gives you your speed and battery levels while you ride.  Just throw a shaka 🤙 to check your data.


Most electric boards don't tell you what battery brand they use.  Why?  Because generic lithium batteries are dirt cheap & don't last!  Just saying...


Our signature deck construction includes a CNC-cut, composite reinforced cavity that minimizes the bulk and doubles the strength.  It's pretty darn sexy too!

Reserve For 50% Down

As with V1, we are expecting V2 to sell out quickly. To better prepare we've organized our production into four initial production batches AND are allowing customers to reserve their board with 50% down with the remainder due when your board is ready to ship.



"Awesome ride! Gut-wrenching acceleration and battery that goes on for daaaays. You guys got it right! Thanks for the effort and attention to detail, I still can't wipe the grin off my face!"  
Joe - Fayetteville, NC

"I really love the Board and ride it everyday, I am at 250 Miles right now. You did a really amazing job and I am looking forward to new developments from your side." 
Antonio - Borsdorf, Germany

"The board is simply amazing. Very carvy and stable at high speeds. The board looks great and stylish as well, and I love that it comes with different color combos to choose from. I had fallen in love with my Hybrid-X and it's my main electric board that I use quite often than my other electric boards. I would definitely purchase again in the future." 
Chris - Elmhurst, NY

"You guys have gone beyond my expectations and I love riding my new board!"
Sky - Santa Cruz, CA

"The Dualomo board is amazing and was everything I expected it to be and beyond. I appreciate the hard work and dedication that everyone put into making the best board on the market right now. I can't wait to see what the company will do in the near future!" 
Jeremiah - Fontana, CA

"Insanely quick and is such a blast!
Anthony - La Mirada, CA

"This is made in the USA. And it's made by skaters. This is why you will get a great made product and the best experience. This doesn't look like any other boards. And when I at a park with 15 boards, mine gets the most people asking about it...because it's badass!"
Christopher - Charlotte, NC