Dualomo™ Hybrid

Meet our highly anticipated collaboration with Dualomo Design™, a push-friendly electric skateboard that will change the way you think about commuting long distances.

Push it like a skateboard or power-up using the bluetooth handheld remote. With 4-speed & brake settings, you can dial in your power to the level most comfortable for you.

With genuine components from Bustin, Paris Trucks and Five-O Wheels, there is simply no other electric board pumps and carves with the fluidity & fun of the Dualomo™ Hybrid. 

Two Models To Choose From

The X+ has industry leading beast power and range, with a huge 324Wh Samsung 30Q battery pack.  It is lightning fast off the line and will plow up almost any hill with ease.

The S comes with an air-travel friendly 158.8Wh Samsung 22P battery pack.  It is a great option for a frequent flyers, younger kids and those on a budget.


"Awesome ride! Gut-wrenching acceleration and battery that goes on for daaaays. You guys got it right! Thanks for the effort and attention to detail, I still can't wipe the grin off my face!"  
Joe - Fayetteville, NC

"I really love the Board and ride it everyday, I am at 250 Miles right now. You did a really amazing job and I am looking forward to new developments from your side." 
Antonio - Borsdorf, Germany

"The board is simply amazing. Very carvy and stable at high speeds. The board looks great and stylish as well, and I love that it comes with different color combos to choose from. I had fallen in love with my Hybrid-X and it's my main electric board that I use quite often than my other electric boards. I would definitely purchase again in the future." 
Chris - Elmhurst, NY

"You guys have gone beyond my expectations and I love riding my new board!"
Sky - Santa Cruz, CA

"The Dualomo board is amazing and was everything I expected it to be and beyond. I appreciate the hard work and dedication that everyone put into making the best board on the market right now. I can't wait to see what the company will do in the near future!" 
Jeremiah - Fontana, CA

"Insanely quick and is such a blast!
Anthony - La Mirada, CA

"This is made in the USA. And it's made by skaters. This is why you will get a great made product and the best experience. This doesn't look like any other boards. And when I at a park with 15 boards, mine gets the most people asking about it...because it's badass!"
Christopher - Charlotte, NC