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Five-O™ 100mm Hybrid Wheel Set (black)

Five-O™ 100mm Hybrid Wheel Set (black)

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Five-O™ Wheels 100mm Hybrid Wheel Set
Diameter:  100mm
Contact Patch:  54mm
Core: 46mm
Durometer:  81a
Compatible Boards:
- V1, V2 & V3 Sportster Hybrid-X+, Hybrid-X and Hybrid-S

Our V1 customers begged and pleaded for a larger wheel option.  We heard you!  The new 100mm Five-O™ urethane wheels are made in the USA and made to glide over almost anything.  

Attention V1 Sportster Hybrid Owners:  These 100mm wheels WILL work with your V1 Sportster-X board, but keep in mind that you may need to run your trucks a little tighter than normal to avoid wheel-bite.  You can also experiment with some hard and/or taller bushings to achieve more lean.

Please note:  100mm Wheel Sets ONLY fit the Hybrid Sportster boards.  They DO NOT fit the Yoface Hybrid boards.

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