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Yoface Board – Deck Only

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Yoface Board – Deck Only

Yoface Board – Deck Only

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All of the goodness of your favorite skateboard with the ability to run bigger, softer wheels.

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  • 30-day returns
  • Handbuilt in USA

Product Details

Designed to be a hybrid-function skateboard for those who ride traditional boards but wanted softer wheels, an easier push and the ability to speed/slide with ease.

Produced on small batch and completely hand printed in the US.

Tech specs

  • Length 34.5"
  • Width 9.1"
  • Nose and Tail 6.5"
  • Concave 0.38"
  • Thickness 3/8"
  • Grip Wood-Burn Logo + Laser Grip
  • Trucks Bustin Signature 152mm
  • Wheels Premier Formula™ 66mm 80a

Shipping & Returns

The Yoface has a production lead-time of 3-5 days. It is made and shipped from our local factory at Maryland. If you are not satisfied with your product, we offer a 30-day return policy on unused products (the skateboard must be unridden and in brand-new condition).


Bustin Boards stands behind each and every one of our products. The Yoface comes with the following warranty:

  • Board: 90 days
  • Wheels: 180 days
  • Bearings: 180 days
  • Trucks: 180 days

For full returns and warranty policy, see here.

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Yoface Performance

On the latest version we’ve tweaked the shape and mold to create our ‘easy-scoop’ tail, making it the easiest board you’ll ever ollie. Made for those who ride traditional boards but want softer wheels, an easier push, and the ability to slide with ease.

  • Push

    full shrike
  • Freestyle

  • Carve

    full Shrike
  • Park

  • Slide

  • Downhill

Built by hand in the USA

Since 2001 we've been hand-crafting skateboards in the USA. Our Hybrid-Electric boards are hand crafted, wired, programmed and assembled by our Maryland-based production team. Ask any other electric brand where they make their boards.... but you already know.

  • You like to skate everything

    The design intent of the Yoface is to create an over-sized skateboard that features all of the best functions of a street deck with added capabilities for various other disciplines.

  • You hate loud skate wheels

    The latest 3D concave design and generous wheel-wells allow you run a range of wheels up to 70mm. Switch back to smaller hard wheels and you'll feel right at home in the park.

  • You want to ollie higher

    Our signature easy-scoop tail makes it easier than ever to learn and elevate your pop game.

Not sure what the right board for your riding style is?

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