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All December orders are entered! Place your orders before 12/25 for the most chances to win!

We're capping off our 20th year with an epic give-back! Giveaways start on Christmas Day and every $1 dollar spent in December is an entry to win!

Giveaway Schedule:
12/25 - Five-O™ Wheels Set
12/26 - Builtin 6-Ball Bearing Set
12/27 - Skate Everything Dad Hat
12/28 - R1 177mm Truck Set
12/29 - Skate Everything Ninja Bag
12/30 - Skate Everything One Bag
12/31 - S.E. Pandemic Hoodie
01/01 - Yoface Complete Board
01/02 - Maestro Complete Board
01/03 - Shrike Complete Board
01/04 - Yoface Hybrid V3 Board
01/05 - Sportster Hybrid V3 Board

Official Rules:
- No purchase necessary - gain 1-entry by joining our newsletter.

- All orders place in December are automatically entered. Gain 1-entry for every dollar spent at www.bustinboards.com

- Daily winners will be post at the blog.

20% gift card bonus

Order any gift card before Christmas Day and we'll ADD 20% to the value on Christmas morning.

For example, order a $100 Gift Card today and it will be worth $120 on Christmas Day. Now thats a solid return!

USA Customers

Hello America, to help give you accurate shipping deadlines, we're going to split you in Eastern's and Western's.  If you live East of the Mississippi River, you are an Easterner and vice-versa.

Eastern State Deadlines for 2-Day Shipping:
12/14 - Full Custom Boards
12/16 - Element Series & Blank Completes
12/20 - Trucks, Wheels, Bearings, Bags & Components

Westerner State Deadlines for 2-Day Shipping:
12/12 - Full Custom Boards
12/15 - Element Series & Blank Completes
12/20 - Trucks, Wheels, Bearings, Bags & Components

Please note: Because of delays at UPS and Fedex, we cannot guarantee last minute shipments but we will do our very VERY best! Call us at 855-NYC-PUSH if you have any concerns about holiday shipping!

International Customers

Hello World, we're now offering affordable International Shipping rates with UPS and DHL.   Please use the dates below as a general guideline but keep in mind that shipping times can vary based on country.  To guarantee delivery in time for Christmas, we suggest getting your orders in as early as possible.

International Holiday Deadlines for Standard Shipping:
12/12 - Full Custom Boards
12/15 - Element Series & Blank Completes
12/16 - Trucks, Wheels, Bearings, Bags & Components

About Bustin

We began making boards just a few months before the world changed forever on September 11, 2001. Since then the Bustin Family has believed that a skateboard should be an extension of an individual.

We think a good board should inspire you to ride more through its design and function; it should last long and hold up under whatever you throw at it; and it should reflect your style and personality as a true extension of you.

Most importantly, we believe a skateboard should represent freedom of expression for anyone anywhere. That is why we hand-build every board to order in East Coast Shop.