Meet our family of riders dedicated to the idea of #skateeverything. All Bustin products are built and refined in collaboration with our international team of pro skaters, who ride each board to its limit and provide input throughout the product development process. Together we develop Bustin Products and support skateboarding in our local communities.

William Royce

Asheville, NC

Stance: Goofy gang
Favorite board: Hybrid Yoface


Jacsen Kutic

Syracuse, NY

Stance: Goofy
Favorite board: Yoface 32"


O’neal “Yaak” Ellerbe

Harlem, NYC

Stance: Regular
Favorite board: Shrike


Ian Robinson

Brooklyn, NYC

Stance: Regular
Favorite board: Boombox


Josh Turner

Columbus, OH

Stance: Regular for flip tricks but goofy for free ride (I am confused :))
Favorite board: Shrike