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- Shrike 38" (E)Core™ Deck
- Caliber™ Trucks
- Five-O™ 64mm Wheels

"I've had two Shrikes from previous generations and that is why I keep buying Bustin.  The Shrike made me more comfortable doing downhill and is also a great all around skate everything board.  Good job Bustin and Will Royce!"

Justus from New Jersey.

"I picked up the Shrike and it's been awesome.  I've been riding downhill for a few years, but this board is really an all around beast and is a dream at any speed.  I would suggest a bit more tail, but its mostly perfect!" 

Rob from Rhode Island

"The Shrike is now my favorite dancing board even more than my other longer boards.  I love this style so much.  I really like my custom graphic too, thank you for the terrific service also!"

Manu from France

Skate Everything 101

The Shrike was designed as our signature Downhill/Freeride board, but it's been adopted by dancers, pushers and freestylers around the world.

A comfortable 0.66" concave transitions through a mellow micro-drop and into a starkly usable nose and tail.

Made with our (E)Core™ construction process creating a lighter, stronger board through an innovative melding of skate-proven Canadian Maple with proprietary, epoxy-based glues and reinforcement materials created in the Bustin Labs™.

Why Ride A Shrike?

Kill The Quiver:  This non-traditional symmetrical double kick combines various board designs to generate one machine capable of almost any riding style.

Push-Friendly:  If it didn't push well, we wouldn't make it.  In addition to it's speed and freestyle attributes, the Shrike features a push-friendly rockered micro-drop design.

Speed & Style:  Originally designed as a downhill board, the Shrike has become a fan favorite for flat-ground freestylers and dancers around the world.