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- Maestro 37" (E)Core™ Deck
- Caliber™ Trucks
- Premier™ 70mm Wheels

"I was riding a cheap longboard I got from Zumiez, but when I got a Maestro I never looked back.  I'm really glad I found out about you guys and I'm always available to help out here Northern Virginia."

Riley from Vienna, VA.

"The Maestro changed my life!  I work in Manhattan and used to spend 1/2 an hour each morning sitting in the miserable stone-faced subway car with a million depressed people crammed in with me.  You guys f*cking rule, thanks!"

Tom from New York City

"I had a penny board but wanted something more functional for college.  This thing is a dream for getting around school and blowing off steam when more courses get stressful.  Keep up the good work Bustin!"

Kyle from Blacksburg, VA.

The New York Standard

In 2011 we released the first Maestro Board, designed on the streets of Brooklyn to be a magic carpet for New York City commuters.

After 8 years of refinement, it remains the gold standard for anyone who wants to push past cabs, carve through pedestrians and mix in some slides and aerials along the way.

Our new and improved Push-Camber design assures rapid rebound as you power through the city, while the new ultra-low, micro-rocker design allows for effortless slides on hills and flats.

Why Ride A Maestro?

Faster Commute:  With our signature "Push Camber", the Maestro is designed for fast, efficient pushing through urban, suburban and campus terrains.  

Slide Friendly:  The new symmetrical, micro-rocker design allows for effortless slides and small/medium hill freeride.

Cruise & Carve:  From the Boardwalk to Broadway, the Maestro is the ultimate comfortable cruiser with a low platform, smooth flex and hard carving leverage.