Our suggestion for you:

- Yoface 34" (E)Core™ Deck
- Bustin™ Signature Trucks
- Five-O™ 64mm Wheels

"I was drawn to the Yoface at a surf shop on vacation and I decided to give it a try.  This board has brought back so many memories and helped me fully regain my confidence on a skateboard."

Mark from Hagerstown, MD.

"I'm a bigger guy but I love to go to the new skate park in a neighboring town.  I setup my Yoface with some Bones ATF soft wheels and Indy 169 trucks and all I can say is wow!

Dillon from Grand Rapids, MI.

"I've had three Yoface decks now and I must say they keep getting better.  Kudos to the Bustin Team for making the perfect skateboard again and again."

Andrew from Bronx, New York


All of the goodness of your favorite skateboard with the ability to run bigger, softer wheels.

Slightly oversized for comfortable, fast commuting with 0.38" concave for locked in slides and park adventures.

Signature (E)Core™ construction creates a lighter, stronger board through an innovative melding of skate-proven Canadian Maple with proprietary, epoxy-based glues and reinforcement materials created in the Bustin Labs™.

Why Ride A Yoface?

Skate Everything Life:  The design intent of the Yoface is to create an over-sized skateboard that features all of the best functions of a street deck with added capabilities for various other disciplines.

No More Loud Wheels:  The latest 3D concave design and generous wheel-wells allow you run a range of wheels up to 70mm.  Switch back to smaller hard wheels and you'll feel right at home in the park.  

Use The Kicks (Or Don't):   If you skate, you'll feel at home on your Yoface whether your hitting the park, zig-zagging around the city getting slideways on your local hills.  It's your world, skate it.