Our 'Full Custom' Board Program allows you to creat a board that is one-of-a-kind (like you).

Since 2001 we've believed that a skateboard should be an expression of the individual.  Use our interactive customizer to to build YOUR board to match YOUR style.

All full custom boards are hand-printed, signed and dated by the artist. (ship times vary by model, see below)

Custom Sportster 35"

In 2012 we designed the first Sportster to be a lean, mean pushing machine with a singular focus on commuting faster and more efficiently.  The latest version holds true to that purpose, while adding new potential for big, effortless slides and mild downhill.

Length:  35.5"
Width:  10"
Wheelbase:  29" - 30"

Full custom starts at $150/deck

Custom Shrike 39"

Created as the ultimate quiver-killer, the Shrike is literally a jack of all skate trades.  It began as a double-kick downhill board but has been adopted by pushers, dancers and freestylers alike.  This year we’ve added some lip to the tails to make the freestyle world even free’er. 

Length:  39.75"
Width:  9.4"
Wheelbase:  22" - 33.2"

Full custom starts at $150/deck

Custom Maestro 37"

In 2011 we released the first Maestro Board, designed on the streets of Brooklyn to be a magic carpet for New York City commuters..  The latest edition is designed and refined to push harder, slide easier and carve through the city like a snowboard through the woods.

Length:  37.5"
Width:  9"
Wheelbase:  25.7" - 26.3"

Full custom starts at $150/deck

Custom Yoface 34"

The Yoface was designed to be a hybrid-function skateboard for those who ride traditional boards but wanted softer wheels, an easier push and a clean, locked in slides.  This year we’ve tweaked the shape and mold to create our ‘easy-scoop’ tail, making it the easiest board you’ll ever ollie.

Length:  34.5"
Width:  9.1"
Wheelbase:  16.5"

Full custom starts at $100/deck